We offer a full range of gate types with a collection of designs in each group.

First, select the type of gate you wish to purchase from: Driveway Gates, Estate Gates, Side Gates, Garden Gates, Sliding Gates, Split Driveway Gates or Metal Framed Timber Infill Gates.

Next, select your design (look out for the Gate Visualiser shown on most products - you can use this to upload a picture of your driveway/ entrance and place one of our gate designs into it to see what it will look like).

Width: For each product, you will be asked to put in the width of the gate/ railing. Price will increase as width goes up.

This will be the ACTUAL width of product. Allowance for hinges/ centre opening etc will need to be taken into consideration. Information on gap allowance is provided with each product. A drop down menu will open where a choice of widths will shown (both in feet & inches and metres and milimeters). If the exact size isn't listed, go down to the lowest inch or call to order.




Select gate heightTaken to the highest point of the gate/ railing. Depending on product, a gap under the gate maybe required and should be taken into account. For example: a driveway gate should have a 2" clearance from ground level to bottom edge of gate - again, each product will have nformation relating to this. Adjusting the height will add more to the price of the gate/ railing.

Powder Coating:

Powder coating metal gates and railingsAs standard, any wrought iron product arrives fully galvanized (providing a 25yr protection against rust). Using the drop down menu, select whether you prefer the product galvanized only, galvanized then powder coated black or galvanized then powder coated any RAL colour. Please note, if you select galvanized only (free option), you will need to T wash the product first to be able to paint.


Metal gate postsUnderground or below ground in singles or pairs. If purchasing posts alongwith a gate, the hinge pins will be welded here for you making the gate ready to hang. Posts will be galvanized (or if you select powder coating, will be matched). Size of the post will relate to the chosen product. If you require bigger or smaller posts. please call to order.

Add to Cart:

When you have selected the design and chosen your sizes and any optional extras, "Add to Cart". Enter your details, and pay using any major credit or debit card. Payments are securely taken via SagePay. For added piece of mind we are Trading Standards Approved and members of the Data Protection service.

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