In September 2013, we were contacted from the BBC and asked if we would like to donate custom made side gates and fence panels to 'The Little Miracles' project, part of BBC's 'Children in Need' featured in the BBC One special programme 'DIY SOS: The Big Build with Children in Need'. The cause, a life changing transformation to the centre for disabled children in Peterborough called 'The Spinney'.

To match the exterior of the building, we were asked to manufacture the gates and fence panels from Thermowood to the architects design and dimensions. This needed to be completed to a strict deadline and delivered on site. To help the build, we were also asked to install the goods in Peterborough - a fair drive from Devon! So, with one of our van's and three staff members (one being the Production Director!) we turned up on site the morning before the 'big reveal'. This wasn't through choice, in an ideal world we would have been there before hand but as it was only a 10 day build this was the day we were told to turn up!

With over 160 other tradesmen on site and a traffic light system in place due to all the vans being parked to say space was an issue would be an understatement. The gates and fence panels were installed (with labour help from the Army and an architect). During which, we were also asked to manufacture and install two further side gates. Thankfully, we were finished and off site at 8:45 pm...others didn't finish till 2:30am!!

Overall, a great experience and we, as a company feel honoured that we were chosen to undertake this task. From office staff communicating backwards and forwards to the BBC, joiners in the factory manufacturing the gates and fence panels to spec and the three who turned up to fit, a good job done - and obviously done with no charge. A great way to donate for such a good cause and a highlight for 2013.