We offer a full range of gate types from Driveway to Garden, Sliding to 3/4 Split. Knowing which gate type you require is the first place to start.

Garden GatesGarden Gates: Smaller style gates used for the front of the property. Width of gate can be anything from 2ft to 4ft 6" with a height range of 3ft to 4ft 6"

Side Gate Example Type

Side Gates: Used for both the rear and front of the property. Widths range from 2ft to 4ft 6" and the height from 5ft to 7ft. This style of gate is also known as "Pedestrian Gate".

Driveway Gate Type

Driveway Gates: Also referred to as "Entrance Gates", "Front Gates" or "Double Gates". Each side is equal width from 3ft per side to 8ft (16ft total) and standard heights from 3ft to 7ft.

Sliding Gate example

Sliding Gates: Ideal to be used on driveways where a standard driveway gate hasn't the room to open. Constructed in two ways. First (as shown), with an overhang to act like a counter balance to slide. Usually (due to width), sliding gates are constructed in two sections then simply bolted on site ready to use as if it were a single leaf. The second style can be constructed without the overhang. Widths can vary to anything up to 20ft and heights can be from 3ft to over 7ft. 

Estate Gate Example

Estate Gates: Same as "Driveway Gates" but produced using thicker materials. Most estate gates are 6ft high and above, much more expensive but much more impressive!

3/4 Split Gate Example

3/4 Split Gates: Two leafs to form a double gate but one sider wider than the other. Smaller side can act more as a pedestrian gate. Ideal for those who have limited space on one side of drive. Size per leaf can be from 2ft 6" to over 8ft with any height ranging from 3ft to over 7ft.

Material Types: We offer wrought iron (metal) gates or metal framed combined with timber cladding. Timber cladded (if not chosen purely on design reasons) are good for those who want privacy. Choice of timber includes Iroko (hardwood), Western Red Cedar (very light and durable) or slow grown Redwood Pine.