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The Cheltenham Garden Gate. One of our best selling designs. Flat top with vertical infill bars. Simple yet attractive gate.

      Unlike our competitors, our gate material is thicker, comes complete with a 10 year workmanship guarantee, FREE adjustable hinges/ pins, opening latch and closing receiver and all can be fully galvanized which will add a 25 year rust protection, with an option of painting to black or any RAL colour. Therefore, if fitting to existing posts/ pillars - this gate is ready to hang with no extras required.

      Width of Gate: Taken as the actual gate (not opening size). This can be easily calculated - measure the distance between the pillars and reduce by 100mm (4"). Gate can be made to any width.

      Height of Gate: Taken to the highest point of each gate. We recommend allowing a 50mm (2") clearance between the bottom edge of gate and driveway (as long as the drive is level). If you require a more exact height, please contact us to order.

      Gate Finish: Choose from our range of finishes we have available. No finish will mean the gate arrives in bare steel ready to be painted on site, our primer will give the gate the first level of rust protection for your gate then ready to be finished once it arrives, black finish is a fully finished gate which we have primed and then given a finishing coat ready to be hung and enjoyed. We then have the option of galvanising or finishing in any colour of your choice, for these options please call us to discuss further. More info...   

      FREE Gate Furniture (hinges etc): 2 x adjustable hinges, hinge pins, closing receiver and opening latch included with each gate (enough to hang direct on existing posts/ pillars). As standard, the position of the hinge will be 6" (150mm) the bottom edge of gate and 6" (150mm) top edge of gate. If you require these to be different (if for example you already have pins set into a post/ pillar), please call us.

      Metal Gate Posts: 2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm). Supplied to allow the posts to sit in the ground or above ground. Hinge pins will be welded on ready and feature post cap fitted.

      Size of Gate not listed? No problem, call us with your exact size.


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      Working out the required size is an important yet simple task to complete but we are always at hand to assist you through the process (0800 152 2106)

      Calculating Gate width between existing Pillars or Posts:

      Take three measurements, top, middle and bottom across the opening.

      Measure Garden Gates, Metal, Wrought Iron

      Take the shortest of the three measurements and reduce the size by 4" (100mm). Select the closest width from drop down menu.

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      Manufactured, by hand in the UK using traditional, time served construction techniques. Combining this with the use of the finest sourced, deeper materials creates a stunning and durable garden gate that is set to enhance any property.

      Hanging Frame: 25mm x 10mm

      Bottom Rail: 25mm x 10mm

      Top, Middle & Closing Rail: 25mm x 10mm

      Main Infill Bars: 12mm

      Adjustable hinges, pins and opening latch supplied free of charge with each gate.

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      UK Delivery (mainland UK only - deliveries to Isle of Wight etc can be arranged but may occur charges) direct to your door...

      We strive to delivery all products in the quickest time possible from point of order. Due to all gates and railings being custom made for each customer, we do ask to allow a period of 40 days for delivery, however, over 95% will be delivered within 30 working days. For more accurate delivery times, please call us.


      Express Service:

      Need to get your product quicker. We do offer an express service for an additional £99 - Please call on 0800 152 2106.

      Delivered to your Door:

      For larger items a two man delivery team maybe used. Smaller gates will be a one man drop.


      To keep delivery charges down, as standard we are only able to provide a delivery day (between 09:00 and 18:00). Pre 10:30am delivery can be arranged but an additional charge will be added.

      How to Install a Garden/ Side Gate

      Fitting a metal garden or side gate is easier than you may think and most inexperienced DIYers are capable to install the gate themselves. If you have purchased metal posts with the gate, you will be supplied with the posts alongwith the hinge pins and closing latch receiver already fitted. If no posts are required, 2 x hinge plates and closing latch receiver will be supplied (free of charge) for you to connect the gate to the existing pillars/ posts. For information on fitting posts, see "How to Fit Posts".

      • First, clearance is required between the ground level and the bottom edge of the gate. We recommend 25mm (1") but this may need to be increased if the area is sloped. Place a straight edge (such as a piece of timber) on the ground between the pillars.

      • Attach the threaded bars to the gate frame (there are two pre drilled holes in the frame). Then place the gate onto the timber.
      • Connect the threaded bars to the hinge plates are mark the position of the holes on the pillar/ post. When marking the lower plate, ensure the gate is plumb by using a spirit level.
      • Remove gate and drill holes using a hammer drill. Insert the wall plugs so that they are flush with the surface and screw the hinge plates in position.
      • Lift the gate onto the hinge pins and adjust the width/ level using the two nuts on each threaded bar.
      • On the opposite side of gate, there will be a pre attached latch. Mark the position of this on the pillar/ post and fix closing receiver to the pillar using wall plugs and screws.
      • Test opening and closing of gate and adjust if needed.

      Tools Required:

      • Spirit Level
      • Hammer
      • Hammer Drill
      • Scewdriver
      • Drill bit